Feel the gastronomic revelation with the chef Mikhail Tolkachev
With 17 years of professional career in luxury hospitality under his belt, Chef Mikhail Tolkachev continually explores world cuisines and global market trends, using classical French and different modern techniques to contribute to the development of gastronomy. My golden key to every culinary door is to fall in love with the products, feel their energy and bring out their best on the plate.

I am proud to be involved in the development of hospitality leaders and committed to my mission - to let guests savour exquisite tastes of the whole palette of flavours to feel pure delight.
My golden key to every culinary door is to fall in love with the products, feel their energy and bring out their best on the plate.
What you get?
We ensure comprehensive research and provide full-scope diagnostic of your kitchen operations. We analyze your current financial situation and actual menu to suggest you the new way of kitchen operations management and bring you the road map to improve your kitchen production effeciency.
Kitchen operations audit
We ensure the detailed diagnostic of the actual menu, develop and implement absolutely unique new selling menu in accordance with your concept. Your kitchen staff will be educated in line with the 5-star international standards to improve the quality of the service and final product.
Menu development and menu engineering
We ensure the full-scope diagnostic of your kitchen operations, develop and integrate the new system of the kitchen operations and management with the new developed menu.

You get the new integrated kitchen operations & management system in accordance with the international 5-star and HACCP standards, optimized financial targets, the lowest possible food cost, the maximum possible revenue, гpgraded supplier list with the best possible rates and conditions, absolutely unique new menu in accordance with the concept and completed set of the powerful workflow documentation for successful kitchen management.

We guarantee getting of the positive feedbacks and reviews.
Full-scale kitchen operations development & menu engineering
Get the professional advice from the awarded Chef on the any BOH field of work or any gastronomical topic and implement recommendstions into your daily workflow to improve your knowledges and achieve targets.
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